The dynamics of a relationship between an organisation and its people have been at the centre of incredible changes in communication technology, knowledge and global economy. However the diversity of views, identity, competence and orientation that resulted from these changes is often left implicit in the dialogue.

Most organisations still use a manufacturing model and deal with people and systems in a simplistic way, often assuming similarities and using one size to fit all.

This has become a nearly impossible task, since the key asset in a knowledge economy is the human brain. It responds only to the unique promoting of each individual. The explosion of information has also unleashed at the same time exercise of individual preferences and identity, bringing the wide spectrum of the human family into contact with each other. Simply, it is nearly impossible to achieve excellence in any organisation without basing it on healthy relations with people, recognising their uniqueness and engaging them through empathy for a common cause.

D&V Associate’s framework for excellence in working systems is a non-prescriptive system that supports relationships and organisations in the review and development of a strategic approach to this challenge. D&V Associate’s provides successful working systems as part of their overall journey towards excellence:

  • a structure for identifying key priorities and issues
  • a process for reviewing progress and identifying gaps
  • set standards for recognising achievements
Benefits of working with our consultants

Why D&V Associates .

Their professionalism and strategic process to the changes needed to accomplish the task got our attention forthwith. D & V Associates understood the culture of the British Army and we quickly developed a good working relationship, and we were able to hit the target of creating positive perceptions of the British Army, set by the British Government.

British Army Army Sergeant Major

We wanted to see the intangibles in our organisation; we felt it was causing hindrance to us having an inclusive management approach for all. We were recommended to bring in D & V Associates to help us. D & V Associate’s consultants were very observant and showed us the unseen obstacles we needed to clear to achieve our objectives. Thank you.

Consultancy Client