Coaching Case Study

The Challenge .

Client: Large Manufacturer 

Dan is a Floor Manager at a large manufacturing company. Although Dan was knowledgeable of all the required skills and attributes to succeed in the company, he struggled with team spirit with his peers and subordinates. Dan loved his work, and he would always be the first to volunteer to go the extra mile for the company when needed. And after his latest quarterly review which was unfavourable again for Dan, his Operations Director decided to bring in outside help to aid Dan.

From the quarterly reviews, Dan’s personal work came back with exceptional results. However, in the review section which required his peers and staff to give their feedback, Dan was seen as unapproachable, intimidating and private.

The Operations Director believed a resolution had to be found, he decided to approach D&V Associates to help.

D&V Associates

Our Solution .

After our meeting with the Operations Director, we had enough information about Dan to enable us to develop our coaching strategy to help Dan to become part of the team.

Dan was initially opposed to training or coaching, and blamed his staff and peers for being ineffective in their work.

Although we were asked to deliver a remedial answer to Dan’s situation, we saw this as an ideal opportunity to create generative solutions for Dan and the company. Our observation of the training courses Dan attended, was that the course concentrated on Dan’s behaviour rather than underlying issues, such as lack of self-confidence and belief. This caused Dan to repeat these negative behaviours towards his peers and subordinates.

We looked at the overall company’s policies and strategies; they hired outstanding people and pressured its managers to perform always at optimum levels.

There was a critical feedback culture in the company which cascade to all staff.

Our coaching model uncovered Dan’s long-term intra-physic habit; judging others adversely helped him maintain his own fragile confidence, because the more he put down in his head the more able and intelligent he felt by comparison.

After a couple of coaching sessions Dan’s self-explorations led to self-progression. He was now able to self-evaluate and self-monitor himself and took charge of his life.

As a result Dan developed greater confidence in himself and understanding of his peers and subordinates.

We also set Dan the task to track his own successes and his accomplishments and report back to us.

We had offered Dan a systemic way of thinking, that his words and action should also include what was desirable and encouraging, being more specific when giving feedback to his peers and subordinates. Dan shifted his emphasis away from judgemental evaluations to empowered evaluations of his peers and subordinates.

This had a noticeable effect on raising staff morale and this cascade throughout the company with amazing positive results.

The Result .

As a result of our coaching sessions, Dan’s outlook was transformed and he started to develop a team spirit with his peers and subordinates. This gave Dan the courage to manage in a new way that empowered his peers and subordinates, and this in turn impacted on the company’s culture on a generative continuum to want the best for your team and the company. Dan created a positive culture that assisted, challenged and encouraged work colleagues, rather than the old Dan; telling, advising and do it my way culture.

I achieved a great amount of individual success where ever I worked, but failed miserable when it came to manage or lead a group of people and was passed over many times for promotion. Through executive coaching from D & V Associates I learnt the hidden traits of how to lead and manage others without triggering resistant. Very grateful