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At D&V Associates, our primary focus for organisations and salespersons is to gather customers and keep them for life from our delivery of sales training, whether its retail, direct or business to business sales.

We believe the salesperson is the most important part of the sale process. The salesperson clearly understands that logic makes people think, but it is emotion that makes people act. Too much of either can be detrimental to the success of the sale. However the salesperson knows that when emotion and logic are used in the sale presentation, chances are that they will end up with a sale today and a happy customer for the future. 

Our aim for all attendee’s at D&V Associates sales training workshops, is for attendee’s to know the process of starting and completing the sale and most importantly, how does retail, direct or business to business sales differ from each other. At D&V Associates, we can say Retail and Direct selling are close partners in their sales process, unlike Business to Business sales, you may have to sell the same product twice; indirectly and directly to achieve the sale.

In business to business sales you may not need to meet with the decision maker to close the sale. On many occasions it maybe the gate-keeper which can come in many forms i.e. Office Manager, Head of IT Operations, Director etc who will present your presentation to the decision maker on your behalf.

We will share with you the importance of each approach, and why different approaches are needed to achieve sales on a consistent basis when selling in retail, direct or business to business sales industry.

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What you'll learn .

I want to say thank you to the Sales Trainers of D & V Associates. After attending your sales training, I went on to achieved the highest turnover of annual sales.

Moss Bros Sales Assistant

I was fearful and nervous of selling in people’s homes, but after receiving direct sales training from D & V Associates, all my fears disappear and became a confident salesperson. Let me at them!

Thomas Direct Sales

I thought I knew how to sell? Wow, I did not know how to sell. D & V Associate’s sales process model! What a sales tool! It was life changing for me. I am excited.

Martin Direct Sales