Motivation & Public Speaking

Dr. Dennis Waitley (a national authority on high level performance and personal development) in his book The Psychology of winning stated motivation is an emotional state. Two key emotions are largely responsible for human motivation with opposite but equally effective results – fear and desire.

  • Fear is the most powerful negative motivator, it is the great compeller and the great inhibitor, fear restricts, scuttles plans and defeats goals.
  • Desire is like a strong positive magnet. It attracts it reaches, opens and encourages plans and achieves goals.

Motivation comes from inside the individual, it is a force which moves us to action. It can be strengthened and enriched by our Motivational Talks.

Benefits of inviting D&V Associates

Why D&V .

I thought to be motivated was attending seminars, rallies and listening to other people achievements of success. After my one to one sessions with D & V Associates, on the topic of motivation, I became naturally inspired to be always motivated.

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