Choosing your sales trainer .

In the arena of sales training, a repeated promise of fantastic turnover of sales after attending sales training is a common statement of some sales trainers in their endeavours to sell sales training programmes. This statement can excite potential clients to sign up and send their sales team on sales training programmes.

Unfortunately, a percentage of interested clients looking for sales training programmes don’t know how to recognise good sales training programmes and are totally dependent on the information received from their chosen sales trainers. For unsure buyers of sales training, here are a couple of things you can do. Ask self, are we looking for remedial or generative outcomes for our investment for sales training programmes? And seek sales trainers who can elaborate on the process of successful selling. “Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott, The Art of Systems Thinking 1997, page 59 states, the behaviour of different systems depend on how parts are related, rather than on the parts themselves, therefore you can understand many different systems using the same principles”. Regardless of the product make and kind, the sale process is the same.

Selling is a process, it is an art: the following techniques i.e. the early morning motivation pep talks, you must have a goal, you need to call so many numbers to get the sale, threatening sales talks, positive attitude talks etc, are all temporary and superficial measures of old.

Sales trainers should be advocates of the ingredients that go into successful selling and skilled in the process of helping salespeople sell on a consistent basis. Sales trainers are life coaches first, “Ian Mcdermott and Wendy Jago, The Coaching Bible 2005, page 15 states, what’s so special about the way a coach relates to their clients? It’s a mixture of blame-free realism on the one hand and faith on the other: the realism builds trust, and the faith supports and encourages – a very potent and empowering mixture”. The buyers of sales training programmes that select sales trainers of this kind are very fortunate to be in a position to learn the ingredients that go into successful selling on a consistence basis and for unlimited time term.

Sales trainers can adapt to any sales environment: retail, direct and business to business sales, which involves years of firsthand experience working in the sales industry. Sales trainers are the way to the process of the ingredients that go into successful selling and keeps your business thriving.

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