7 Benefits of Equality & Diversity at Work .

What is Equality & Diversity?

If I were asked, what is good equality & diversity behaviours? Would my answer be the correct one? I have come across many different answers to this question and all are found to be acceptable.

How then can we expect employers to know the correct definitions of what is equality & diversity behaviours are? With so many definitions of what good equality and diversity behaviours are.

We are individuals with our own opinions and different characteristics, we have a responsibility to ensure our behaviours towards others are impartial. We do not deliberately go out to treat people unfavourably, but it happens, unintentional. Does that make our behaviour okay because of our lack of awareness?

There are so many definitions of equality and diversity. General opinions suggest equality & diversity initiatives be about ethical considerations and legal requirements. Which has had some influence on businesses to call themselves an Equality & Diversity employer. In principle, it sounds great, in practice a token gesture which is nothing other than a cliché to most.

At D & V Associates, we recognise that the individual and their characteristics are a natural part of society, and often an opportunity for those who recognise it.

Our behaviours occur naturally and managing equality & diversity effectively means dealing with the spectrum and the spread of human culture within and out of the work environment.

In essence, our focus is on how to use the differences between people to drive excellence and creativity in behaviours.

We are all individuals: there are no two humans who are the same, therefore, we have unique requirements, abilities, and motivations.

We have different identities within our characteristic groups, our respective career activities are also sources of differing cultures. The organisations we work for is also a source of differing approaches, small business, local authority, voluntary organisation, multinational, etc.

At D & V Associates, our rationale for Equality & Diversity can be understood from different perspectives: a moral and legal perspective.


7 Benefits of Equality & Diversity  

  1. New Skills

Embracing variety, the characteristic differences, an opportunity to harness creativity, build continuous improvement, adding new experiences, talent, and skills for your organisation.

  1. Innovation

Stimulating new business ideas and markets, and access to a wider pool of ideas, knowledge, and skills.

  1. New Market Opportunities

A workforce that will be better positioned to understand the needs of diverse markets.

  1. Greater Reputation

Enhancement of reputation and perception as a forward-thinking organisation in the minds of all stakeholders, employee’s, suppliers, customers, and the wider community.

  1. Maintaining and Attracting New Talent

An organisation that is accessible to all, recruiting the people that meets the requirements of the vacant positions. Developing services that meet the needs of a diverse workforce, along with new services for existing, but often marginalised groups.

  1. Better Decision Making

Policy and strategy embrace equality & diversity, which is embedded in the organisation’s vision, mission, and values. It is the basis of business plans, which incorporates and effectively communicated.

  1. Inclusive working environment

Managers from the most senior levels demonstrate visible involvement in leading equality and diversity. Managers at the most senior levels ensure the provision of appropriate and sufficient resources for activities and initiatives which support equality & diversity.

Equality & Diversity enriches your organisation, with greater efficiency, talent, decisions, reputation, and opportunities. To embrace equality & diversity would be good business judgement and place you in competition with an advantage.

Of course, equality & diversity will not happen overnight, but actively promoting them will gradually bring benefits, for your organisation and society.

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